Paris Climate Talks

The Permaculture Climate Change Solutions Group is active at the Paris talks through many different projects and organizations.

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Here are some links to blogs and reports from Permaculture Climate Change Members who are at the COP21 Climate Talks in Paris:

From Albert Bates:
(Author of The Biochar Solution and many other works)

“The Paris climate conference is really an economic conference, perched on the brink of a market crash in the fossil fuel sector”

Mail AttachmentFrom Daniel Jubelirer, who is there with Earth Guardians, a youth climate justice organization:

Thomas Henfry and Gil Penha-Lopez have included our statement is their important new book which will be distributed at the conference.

New Permaculture Climate Book!

Permanent Publications have launched their latest book, Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation: Inspiring Ecological, Social, Economic and Cultural Responses by Dr. Gil Penha-Lopes of the centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environment (cE3c) Lisbon University, and Dr Thomas Henfrey, of cE3c and the Schumacher Institute, in the run up to COP21.

In collaboration with Good Works Publishing Cooperative and ECOLISE, and  with funding from the EU research project BASE (Bottom-up Climate Adaptation),Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation by  shares clear examples of how permaculture contributes to the global response to climate change. Click our link to buy it from us direct with a 25% discount for just £7.45 and support ethical, independent publishing.